About Martin Summerfield

Martin’s approach is to work alongside individuals and teams, to be clear about what they are currently experiencing, and then developing new ways of exploring challenges.

  • Martin is registered with the British Association of Mindfulness Based Teachers.  His experience includes two decades of personal mindfulness practice, as well as training with Bangor University (TTR1 in 2015 & TTR2 in 2018) to deliver Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses. 
  • Martin has undergone additional Mindfulness in the Workplace training with Oxford University to enhance his skills in the workplace as well as with the Mindfulness in Schools Project to work with both teachers and young people.
  • Anchor Point is a member of Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster, which brings business on the Cumbrian West Coast together. Anchor Point’s BECBC profile can be seen here. 

Following an early teaching career, Martin has spent two decades working as a facilitator with a wide range of groups, primarily in the outdoors. He has a PGCE and a Masters in Education Research. Martin, his partner and two young children live in the South Lakes where he loves to run, swim and walk in the hills. 



About Mindfulness, Meditation and Anchor Point

Mindfulness is a practice that involves becoming more aware of what’s happening in the present moment, rather than worrying about the past or what might happen in the future. It’s about observing what’s going on, in a friendly and non-judgemental way. Have a look at the The Mind Traffic Animation for a clear illustration of this approach.

We can learn to focus our awareness by bringing attention to everyday activities, and through structured meditation. A typical meditation might involve you focusing your awareness on your breath; in this case your breath would act as an anchor point, upon which you can rest your attention. As we build capacity to notice our thoughts and feelings, we open up new ways to relating to the pressures and pleasures of everyday life.

For more information the background to mindfulness, the evidence base and its benefits, see the 2015 UK Parliamentary report ‘Mindful Nation’.

There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating the benefits of practising mindfulness in a range of areas, such as stress reduction, general well being, and performance.

The training offered by Anchor Point Mindfulness is secular, and appropriate for all faiths and backgrounds. As part of the UK Network of Mindfulness Teachers, Martin adheres to codes of professional conduct including confidentiality, on-going training and supervision, and holds Public Liability Insurance.

Find out about Anchor Point Mindfulness courses for Workplaces, the Public, in the Outdoors and for Schools. Or get in touch if you would like further information