Mindfulness in the Workplace - Courses and Training

Across many sectors, the workplace environment is experiencing increasing  pressure, uncertainty and complexity. Supporting effectiveness, enhancing wellbeing and fostering resilience within work teams is crucial, and mindfulness can help. On an individual level too mindfulness can support self regulation, attention, clear thinking, collaborative working and a sense of perspective.

Anchorpoint has worked to support teams and individuals within many sectors and is open to enquiries from any organisation. 

Recent work has involved clients within safety critical industries. If you are from a safety critical industry and would like to explore the possibilities of bringing mindfulness into the human performance sector please do get in touch. 

Anchor Point Mindfulness offers workplace teams a bespoke service. In developing an effective programme, we work collaboratively with key stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of the particular challenges facing an organisation or team. The result is a mindfulness course that is both relevant and meaningful. An organisation may wish to focus on:

Wellbeing, resilience and work life balance
Relationships, self-regulation and collaboration
Focus, safety and clear decision-making
Mindfulness Training to fit your requirements

Anchor Point Mindfulness bespoke training packages ensure a good fit between course content and structure and the workplace in question. Training can be delivered in a variety of formats, including;

  • Short 90 minute tasters
  • Half day workshops
  • Courses running for 8 weekly 90 minute sessions
  • Courses running over 4 half days

For more information on bringing mindfulness into the workplace see the report Building the case for Mindfulness in the Workplace which was written in 2016 in response to the UK Parliamentary Report ‘Mindful Nation‘.

View EDF Nuclear Power Case Study
Mindfulness at Work Training in Manchester, Lancaster, Leeds, Cumbria, Preston, Blackpool and the North West region.

Anchor Point Mindfulness delivers workplace training courses across the North West and is happy to collaborate with organisations in any sector. Clients have included organisations within the Energy, Finance, Retail, Charitable and Education sectors. Please get in touch if you would like further information and case studies.

For the education sector we offer ‘.b Foundations’ as a tailor made course for school staff teams, based on the excellent book ‘Finding Peace in Frantic World’ by professor Mark Williams.

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“I really enjoyed Martin’s style of delivery and engagement and felt he adapted extremely well to our senior management team. He is very intuitive and facilitates withreal empathy.”

Mark Adlestone OBE DL , Chairman of Beaverbrooks

The training helped me to consider what I was or wasn’t doing to support my personal wellbeing. As a leader at work the training has given me excellent insight to help my staff and also for me to behave in away which will be supportive.”

Technical and Safety Manager, Heysham 2 Nuclear Power Station, Autumn 2017

“Excellent. Very thoroughly planned. Delivered with appropriate clarity, sense of purpose & control but also with compassion & responsiveness.”

Head Teacher at Withington Girls’ School, Manchester. Autumn 2016

“I would absolutely recommend this Course – it gives you the space to step back and breathe. Also the space to deal with everyday life and a stressful work environment. Martin was the perfect tutor; calming, understanding and knowledgeable.”

Assistant Head Teacher at Queen Katherine’s School, Kendal. Spring 2017

I would encourage anyone to do the training…it helps you gain perspective on the way you live and think, it helps to give you coping mechanisms, it helps to see areas in yourself (and possibly others) where stress can me minimized

Technical and Safety Manager, Heysham 2 Nuclear Power Station, Autumn 2017

“Martin is a fabulous Mindfulness teacher. His teaching style is very engaging and extremely calming.”

Teacher, Withington Girls’ School, Autumn 2016

“I would highly recommend the course! Mindfulness is something that can be used to everyone’s benefit, whether your aim is to improve your focus at work or simply to become a happier kinder person. I urge anyone considering it to give it a try.”

Heysham 2 Nuclear Power Station employee, Autumn 2017

“Fantastic course; clearly explained concepts and accessible practices.”

Queen Katherine School Staff, Kendal. Spring 2017

“It has enabled me to get a better sense of perspective & enhanced my ability to focus; I feel I have become more productive & efficient.”

Teacher, Withington Girls’ School, Autumn 2016