21st July 2014

The commitment of the lark

If you have ever had the pleasure of watching a skylark launch itself and ascend ever upwards into the sky you might well have marvelled at the gusto and total commitment on display. The poem The commitment of the lark  written by Pete Armstrong brilliantly captures this moment and considers what we may draw from this display of courage in order to help us live life in its fullest sense.

Part of this commitment to live life to the full entails accepting vulnerability and indeed having the courage to be imperfect. Brene Brown’s brilliant TED talk The power of vulnerability explores this very area and suggests that vulnerability is a necessary and essential part of being alive. Whilst the human condition is often predisposed to attempt to make life’s uncertainties certain, in many ways uncertainty is exactly what we need in order to flourish. As Brene observed, the people who are most comfortable with themselves tend to embrace their own vulnerability and have a belief that what makes them vulnerable also makes them creative and beautiful.

And so back to the lark and its instinctive ariel display. In the poem it’s commitment to launch itself into air, wind and song is contrasted with the illusionary freedom that comes from backing away from life’s difficulties.

May I ( and you) manifest the commitment of the lark.

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