The mind is like a muscle that needs exercise: What current research reveals about mindfulness.

New claims about the positive effects of mindfulness seem to appear almost daily. So it’s refreshing to encounter a book that seeks to cast a discerning eye over current research. ‘The Science of Meditation’ (by Daniel Goleman of Emotional Intelligence fame, and Neuroscientist Richard Davidson) does just that. It provides […]

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Konta – Queen of the Mind Games

Midway through Wimbledon 2017 and Britain’s Joannah Konta is looking assured and focused. It was not always the case – indeed far from it. Back in 2015, Judy Murray (mother of Andy and the then captain of the GB Federation Cup Team), talked of Konta as having ‘really bad performance […]

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Nico Rosberg: The art of slowing down to speed up

Isn’t it sweet when something you know in your bones just keeps being reconfirmed by others. The recent BBC Sports article that revealed that this season F1 driver Nico Rosberg has ‘looked into meditation – mindfulness training… awareness’ is no surprise to me. It’s an odd paradox; that by slowing […]

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